Very truly I tell you, unless a
kernel of wheat
falls to the ground and dies,
it remains only a single seed.
But if it dies,
it produces many seeds.

John 12:24


Who We Are

A Short Biography

Pastor Rick Cole

Pastor Rick Cole was raised in rural Idaho before moving to Denver in the early 70's to be a folksinger. He met his bride, Joyce Kinoshita, in 1973 (he was singing, she was hula dancing...isn't that the way all pastors meet their wives?) and settled in Denver to stay. They met Jesus together and over the years have ministered in music, youth, worship, and dance (Joyce, not Rick). Rick became worship pastor with a local Vineyard congregation in 1987; then in 1993, together with friends from many years of ministry, Wheat Field Fellowship was established, where Rick has since served as founding pastor. Rick and Joyce have three daughters (Jessie, Bethany, and Gwendolyn), one son-in-law (Mike), the world's sweetest granddaughter (Dakota), and Levi the dog.

Marci Walter

Marci Walter likes to think of herself as support staff for our pastor, Rick Cole, as well as the whole Wheat Field Fellowship congregation. She loves to serve and enjoys organizing and getting people involved, (read “delegating”). Marci has been married to Tim for 38 years and they have one son, Matthew who is married to Sandy. Since Tim is the creative one in the family, he is a big help to Marci in this role (example number one of delegation). Marci realizes she has been richly blessed by the Lord in many, many ways: to Him be the glory!


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